CASE STUDY: Emergency delivery of pipe to Perdido

Background: Shell's Perdido project in the Gulf of Mexico is recognized as one of their most challenging deepwater projects. At 2,380 meters, first production is expected in early 2010.

The Problem: With tight deadlines, on a Friday afternoon, Shell was in urgent need 20 foot 20" pipe delivered out to Perdido in the Gulf.

The Solution: The fix for this was knowing where to go and how to make it happen! PM located the pipe that same Friday afternoon and arranged for Expedited delivery to the fabricator shop Monday. After working, the pipe was delivered out to Perdido Tuesday. Turnaround time from the inital call to PM and to our delivery to the shop: 4-5 business hours. Phew!

CASE STUDY: Geothermal Power Plant

Background: US-Based CalEnergy's geothermal operations are located in Calipatria, California. They generate enough power to meet the energy needs of around 340,000 homes.

The Problem: The brine CalEnergy uses to generate geothermal power is one of the worlds most hostile. With chloride levels between 106,000 - 167,000 ppm, pH levels between 4.5 and 5.7, and temperatures from 550° to 600° F, the demands on the materials used are extreme. The second part of the geothermal process transports this brine through over 33,000 feet of production pipes. CalEnergy needed an economical alternative to Inconel 625 for its geothermal operations in Calipatria, California. A 340-ft trial production pipeline in 2507 was installed and after 13 months of production, no indication of stress corrosion, cracking or pitting was observed.

The Solution: PM knew that mill selection was vital to the success of a Super Duplex installation of this size and specification. PM was asked to provide technical support for CalEnergy's selection of a mill able to meet their severe Super Duplex 2507 needs. PM identified H. Butting GmbH & Co in Germany as the best solution for CalEnergy’s stringent technical requirements. PM, along with Butting’s sales office in Canada, supported CalEnergy throughout their trial. Consequently, CalEnergy placed their initial order for 30” Super Duplex 2507 pipe with Butting.

According to CalEnergy, the Super Duplex 2507 installation will be the largest ever in the USA. PM will continue to provide support to both CalEnergy and Butting throughout the installation process which is expected to begin January 2008. Click to enlarge any photo:

CASE STUDY: Chevron Tahiti Project 2507 Super Duplex Pipe & Fittings

Background: Vessel manufacturer for Chevron Tahiti Project submitted invalid specification requirement for 2507 Super Duplex pipe and fittings bill of materials.

The Problem: Specification addressed both Duplex 22% Cr (UNS S31803) and Super Duplex 25% Cr (UNS S32750) with the same testing requirements.

The Solution: PM submitted research documentation detailing the different reactions for the separate material grades as well as suggested testing requirements for Super Duplex. PM specification was approved and adopted. <more details>